Hey blogfam! I hope you all are doing great. Thankyou for such heart filled comments in my previous posts! I am so happy to have such caring followers🥰

In my previous post (you can read here) I mentioned about that I started to paint in this quarantine. Many of you commented to see my art work. So, I am here with this new post about it! Are you guys excited to see?

Let’s go from the start, I will show you guys how I started off. At first, I used to make scenery from the oil pastels, you can see it below!

Here you go! Did you guys like it? Hahaha… I know it’s not good enough! But yeah, for such ideas i mostly use Pinterest☺️

Then i also tried using colour pencils.

Huge shoe!! Isn’t it? If I was to compare my work here, I think, with colour pencils it’s more good. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. I am so excited to know your views over it!

And finally, the wait is over and here you go with my…umm…PAINTINGS. As i told you guys earlier my Aunt asked me to buy some acrylic paints and canvases to start off with it. Here you go with my first ever painting on canvas;😜

Did you guys like this? I saw a Youtube video to paint this step by step. It took me around 5 hours to complete (cuz it was first time)!! Yeah, exactly 5 hours, as it had a lot of layers😱That was too much, my hands and my back started to pain…hehehe. But yeah I did!

Moreover, I recently painted this;

I miss winters a lot!! Who else misses the chilly days? By the way I forgot to ask, how is this one???? HEHEHE….😁

So, here you go with my art work. I am so excited to read all of your comments. I know it’s not that great but I hope you guys will like it!

Feast Diary,


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