Days going Okay!

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well! A very warm welcome to all my new followers! How are your virtual classes going(if you have any)? Mine are a lill boring but you know have to bear them. Today, I slept while listening to the lecture on my phone. Yeah, I know it’s very bad but I had a lot of homework to do, so I slept late at night. I did not have a good day or maybe past few days were not good or motivating.

Right now I don’t even have my best friend to talk to as he is gone for Pakistan tour with his family and he cannot talk much there with me, so these days I am on my own. I don’t have anyone to share things with. Moreover, I have heard an exciting news that schools will be starting from 15 September in Pakistan. Final decision is still to be held on 7 September. I am so excited to go to school because it is my first year at my new school and I am so tired of staying at home. I cannot sit at home for a long time. Sitting at home makes me more stressed out a lot. I am so tired.

I am tired of studying, I feel so demotivated , I haven’t met any of my friends since 8 months. Even I feel like my bond with my school best friend is going to break. I know that strong friendships do not break but she is ignoring me a lot, she doesn’t even call back or text back, she have stopped sharing things with me and etc. I don’t really know how to react, so I have started to leave things on there own.

I want one favour from you guys please pray for my good attempt in exam and good result. I have exams from 1 October. Please do pray!

Thankyou all!

Feast Diary,


39 thoughts on “Days going Okay!

  1. *prays for you* Every things is going to be okay, try and see the perspective of your friend ya know? Maybe she’s/he’s a bit caught up in things and is making their schedule to talk to ya, just keep sending them positive messages and know that she/he can have other friends but not other best friends. A best friend is very special. It’ll be okay.

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    1. Yeah, I do ask her if everything is good, if she to talk to me about something. But she says no everything is fine there is nothing like that. So I am now not disturbing her, I think she will get to me when she is fine. Hopefully😊
      Thankyou gurl!🥰

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  2. It is sooo good to find another Pakistani teen blogger! Yeah, I am excited to go to school too!! Although, I do wonder which city you are from? The city’s school I am from doesn’t even have online classes!

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