Hey everyone!!

I hope you all are doing well😊 I m great too! Alhamdulillah.

I am here to share something with you guys. Remember I told you guys in my previous posts that I changed my school..And I didn’t even had any good friends there. Alhamdulillah I got many new amazing friendsi my new school. Now we are a group of 4….”FANTASTIC 4″ I am so happy to be with them. A group of friends I always wanted to have. I just feel so blessed rn🥺❣️

We have had so much fun together, a lottt!!

But as you know, LIFE IS UNFAIR🥺 so due to Covid, after two days we won’t be able meet for like 2 months…and this is actually our last year of school and after this we all will be separated…different colleges. Can’t get over this thought 💭

Memories we have made….can’t describe. I hope the upcoming year will be a blessing for all! InshaAllah 😊 We can actually not change for what is going to happen. To be honest I m living the best days of my life. ❣️

I never thought that I would also have these kinda friends and will have this kinda fun with them. Even I learned many things from them. Firstly, not to be sad and find the positivity in everything and not to be sad for what you don’t have in your hands. Secondly, one of them motivated me every time by saying, “LET THE FLOW OF TIME GUIDE YOU” Best part of this is it actually fits everywhere.

I m gonna miss them so much. Like sooooo muchhhhh🥺 Life is too unfair. Temporary happiness with a lot of memories.

At the end I would like to mention one more thing ie if you wait you’ll surely get that thing. InshaAllah. Keep trust in God. 😊

Do comment below and share at least one thing about yourself. ☺️



5 thoughts on “HAPPY DAYS!

  1. Your blog is great. I made a post on Liebster Award. I would highly appreciate if you could check it out and participate. In other words, I nominate you for the Liebster Award.😊

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