My life these days!

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are doing well. I know I haven’t posted anything about my life since a long time, but you all must have read my poetry in the last post. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link:Poem!

Covid has seriously made our lives miserable these days. A tensed situation is created all over the world. I just hope that it ends soon🤧My last year school’s CAIE exams were to be conducted in May but due to high rate of covid cases it got delayed till October. And yesterday there was a sudden announcement that our exams will be conducted at the end of July🙄Totally unbelievable. Well we can expect anything at any time from Cambridge.

Though I know this all is very sudden buttttt….it came with a benefit cuz now we only have to give 1 component of each subject. Well tbh that is great at least better than giving 3 components of each sub🤣

Apart from all this i have been really bored throughout the month of May. I had nothing much to do and also suffered from anxiety. I lost a friend whom i trusted with my whole heart🥺he was very close to me. I have described about him earlier in my posts🤧 Well yeah it was difficult to cope up with such chaotic situation. Since grade 3 I m losing friends and always wished to have a bff….but maybe it was all meant to be….

A friend of mine helped me with anxiety issues. I do still stress out a lot but trying my best to have control over it and hopefully one day i will be able to do that😁

I m working on all this stuff….and surely this will fade.

I know it was a long post…thankyou for reading😁

How are your days going? Anything you guys wanna share in comment box?😉

Feast Diary,


16 thoughts on “My life these days!

  1. Omg July! When did they even make this announcement, well we have been asked to take the next components in the next available series,, ahhh I am a bit afraid now on what they are going to tell us..😭

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