My first Story….(Part 1)

Get out you thieves! Roared Mr. Young. “If I catch this time I’ll bring you straight to the police.” We had come in for a ball, but we knew that Mr. Young would not listen to any such excuses. His Rambutan tree has been raided already and he was on a war path now. We crouched low in the long grass and hoped that he would not see us through the fading light.

It was difficult for us to reach to the ball, but we tried our best to make through it. Mr Young was wandering in the ground with remorse, as his tree was raided. He was desperately waiting for the interloper who raided as he wanted to satisfy himself by handing him over to the police. We didn’t want us to be the reason for his satisfaction. Therefore, we waited silently for Mr. Young to disappear. An idea struck into my mind………..

This story might be lill childish but I hope you guys will like it. Let me know in the comments below.

Feast Diary,


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