My first book review!

Heyyyyy everyone!!!! Well it took almost a day to decide subject for my next blog🤣I read a book last month so thought why not review it here!?!? It’s my first book review so don’t judge 🤣🤣😁 Book: Silent Patient Author: Alex Michaelides I am not normally a frequent reader but I was damn bored inContinue reading “My first book review!”

My life these days!

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are doing well. I know I haven’t posted anything about my life since a long time, but you all must have read my poetry in the last post. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link:Poem! Covid has seriously made our lives miserable these days. A tensedContinue reading “My life these days!”


I was afraid of dark,But eventually it surrounded me,A beam of light struck into my eyes,Felt someone nudged,I looked around but couldn’t see anyone,My thoughts occupied me. Feast Diary, Xxx


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About Me

Hi, I am Feast. I love to write blogs and share my life experiences with the people. I love to paint (learning slowly and gradually). Currently, I am doing my O’levels. Moreover, I am so excited to make my own blogfam!!!!

Looking forward for your support!!

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